This is a list to help out our new puppy parents. Not every item on the list is a necessity, it is merely a list of products we have used or use now that work for us.  

Nuvet Products we use and recommend:

  • NuVet Plus Wafers
  • NuJoint Plus 
  • NuVet Ear Cleaner
  • NuVet Oatmeal Pet Spray
  • NuVet Pet Stain & Odor Remover
  • NuVet Puppy Shampoo 
  • NuVet Oatmeal Shampoo

Puppy Culture items we recommend:

  • DVD  attention is the Mother of all behaviors
  • Puppy Culture Spay/Neuter Booklet
  • When Pigs Fly Book
  • Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet (we give a copy to all of our puppy parents)
  • Yak Fleece Washable Sherpa Beds/Crate Mats



Chewy has great customer service and a great selection

Puppy Food We Recommend

Water and food bowls

Kuranda Bed


Portable Waterer

Play Pen

Kong Wubba Toys

Puppy Travel/Night Crate

Good Quality brush

Summer Flea & Tick Prevention

Slip Leads

Labrador Reading

Food Storage

Lighted Dremel For nail trimming

Diamond Bit for Dremel (I use the large)

Wobble Wag Giggle fun ball

Training Treats